PAPERWHITE began as a Mother-Daughter dream to create a hand-selected collection of versatile wedding décor and gift items. In planning weddings of our own, we had difficulty gathering unique and cohesive elements of design to reflect our vision. With over 35 years of design expertise, we wanted to curate a collection that provides a way for our customers to express their individual style; not only on their special day, but every day. Our product lines are selected to be enjoyed, not only as wedding staples, but as key elements of entertainment and home decor for years to come.

Furthermore, we feel strongly about maintaining the highest level of quality and providing products from amazingly talented designers and vendors across the globe. As we grow, we aim to continue our search for such designs and share them with you.

We believe that your wedding should reflect your individuality. Whether it is to be dainty, elegant, sophisticated, boho, modern, edgy, masculine, or fierce- your wedding should tell your story. We LOVE weddings and we feel that every event surrounding that special day should be as unique and beautiful as you are!